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BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway Leaving White House After Daughter Accuses Her And Husband Of Abuse



After receiving not one iota of support from her husband George Conway or their daughter Claudia, Kellyanne Conway is leaving her job at the White House.

The counselor to the president made the announcement on Sunday after her daughter accused both her and her husband of physical and verbal abuse spanning her entire life.

“The past four years have allowed me blessings beyond compare as a part of history on Election Night 2016 and as Senior Counselor to the President. It’s been heady. It’s been humbling,” she said.

“I am deeply grateful to the President for this honor, and to the First Lady, the Vice President and Mrs. Pence, my colleagues in the White House and the Administration, and the countless people who supported me and my work.

As many convention speakers will demonstrate this week, President Trump’s leadership has had a measurable, positive impact on the peace and prosperity of the nation, and on millions of Americans who feel forgotten no more.

“The incredible men, women and children we’ve met along the way have reaffirmed my later-in-life experience that public service can be meaningful and consequential. For all of its political differences and cultural cleavages, this is a beautiful country filled with amazing people. The promise of America belongs to us all. “I will be transitioning from the White House at the end of this month. George is also making changes. We disagree about plenty but we are united on what matters most: the kids.

Our four children are teens and ‘tweens starting a new academic year, in middle school and high school, remotely from home for at least a few months. As millions of parents nationwide know, kids “doing school from home” requires a level of attention and vigilance that is as unusual as these times. “This is completely my choice and my voice.

In time, I will announce future plans. For now, and for my beloved children, it will be less drama, more mama,” she said. George Conway, Kellyanne’s virulently anti-President Donald Trump husband,  said he was withdrawing from The Lincoln Project to focus on their children as well. “So I’m withdrawing from @ProjectLincoln to devote more time to family matters. And I’ll be taking a Twitter hiatus. Needless to say, I continue to support the Lincoln Project and its mission. Passionately,” he said.

The Lincoln Project is a group of supposed Republicans who are working to get Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden elected.

This came after a tamper tantrum from their 15-year-old daughter in which she said she was pushing for emancipation. “I’m (devastated) that my mother is actually speaking at the RNC. like DEVASTATED beyond compare,” she said in a tweet.

“i’m officially pushing for emancipation. buckle up because this is probably going to be public one way or another, unfortunately. welcome to my life,” she said.

“My mother’s job ruined my life to begin with,” she said. “Heartbreaking that she continues to go down that path after years of watching her children suffer. Selfish. It’s all about money and fame, ladies and gentlemen.


“Ya’lll love to twist everything,” she said in another tweet. “i’m not getting emancipated because of my mom’s job.. it is because of years of childhood trauma and abuse.”

But it was what she said on her TikTok page that raised the most eyebrows.

“My dad doesn’t care about me. He’s never cared about me. He probably doesn’t know my middle name,” she said in a video in her room.

“He never really cared about me. My whole life he always belittled me. When I was younger my dad physically abused me a lot right here in this very room,” she said.

“Same thing with my Mom,” she said. “My mom got me arrested, you know. She’s very, very physically abusive, very, very verbally abusive.”

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I believe sheis a spoiled brat, who feels sorry for herself.
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Sharie August 26, 2020
| |
Conway's daughter is a spoiled brat. Blaming her parents s for coming down in here she probably needed it.parents just don't scream at you for "NO Reason" I am sure you have given them plenty of reasons by the sound of your tantrum.
Melissa August 25, 2020
| |
This CHILD is very spoilt. She should have got her butt busted, but instead she is disrespecting her parent's for working to support her.her dad in a nutcase but he loves his kids. She should be put in reform school and get counseling for her issues. She asked AOC TO adopt HER. That's how unlogical her thinking is.
Moon F August 25, 2020
| |
Nip this behavior in the bud. Take all of this brats ‘wants’ and only provide the essential necessary needs. I know so many Parents who still have their 30-35 year olds living at home on their Parents dime dictating their Parents lives, lying on them, physically abusing them as their Parents get up every morning and go work just to pay these same types every whim. Seriously Kelly, I do advise counseling but if this kid isn’t a willing participant then beware because she’ll suck every ounce of life right out of You over the years. I’ve begged the Parents I know to stop enabling these entitled Ungrateful BRATS and kick their A$$es out! They’ll survive! They’ll have no choice and will thank You later on. The kids I speak of are just like this one and call, harass and threaten their precious Mother as She slaves away everyday. Teach Her a hard lesson now while it still may be in focus. Best of luck, From a tough love Parent who now has 4 adult children who thanked Me later.?
Linda August 25, 2020
| |
Sounds like a spoiled brat to me
Nina August 25, 2020
| |
Definitely sounds like a temper tantrum to me.
Lori DiGioia August 24, 2020
| |
There are 2 sides to this story. First of all, why does she have to broadcast this on social media? If she has a problem with her parents this should be done privately. I have 2 daughters, my older one, when she was a teenager, drove us crazy. Didn't want to go to school, drugs, being was a nightmare. Thank God she's doing great now at 30 years old. Her parents and her need counseling but not publicly because people will have their opinions. Negative and positive. I hope they all can work this out. It's a tough situation for all of them.
cyan August 24, 2020
| |
poor girl, so brain washed, yet doesn't even get her basic oxymoron, that her MOTHER, is wrong, and her MOTHER should Leave her JOB!!!! for leftists, mothers and fathers are supposed to be equal, equal love, understanding and equal jobs. her mother actually has a Real job and her Fat father pig, is the one STARVED for money and Attention. Poor girl is a total marxist moron.
Jusy Zwyghuizen August 24, 2020
| |
Your Mom is a Very Busy Lady and she is trying to Save America... 1st Priority She Love's you but want's you to grown up Right School's now day's are teaching kid's wrong thing's she Probley thought you were Grown up enough to take Care of yourself but instead you do this to he. Shame on you.I also grew up with Strict Parent's but It made me into a Better Person in my Grown up years.. you should Appreciate everything they have done for your and Sacerfices they have made.
Sylvia Castillo August 24, 2020
| |
Your mother is like no other . I have most respect for her not sure about your Dad im pretty sure I'm considered an abuser also. But my kids are educated they respect others are they work hard and are very generous with me if that is considered abuse no it is not its good parenting . Stand up for your mom
Kim August 24, 2020
| |
Maybe that bratty teenager should respect her parents and the fact that they feed and clothe her
Mark August 24, 2020
| |
Sounds like every at-risk teenage girl I ever worked with in residential psychiatric care. She must be in public (re)education. It's become unfortunately quite common for public school kids to have their minds twisted to the point of snapping. "Progressives" actively work to regress society into a more feral, inhumane state. And they're pushing it HARD on the kids.
Katherine August 24, 2020
| |
I have a hard time believing this daughter. She does need psych help though.
Rynn McGee-Pierce August 24, 2020
| |
So sorry, but i understand why you must make this decision. Remember, we were all 15 once, full of "piss and vinegar", drama queens; we had all the answers, knew EVERYTHING... after all, we were FIFTEEN. I wish you all the best. Hopefully, years down the road, you both can actually laugh about this. :)
Peter Prieto August 24, 2020
| |
Are you kidding me? If this isn"t a case of letting your kid run your life, I don't know what is. Obviously her daughter was just trying to get back at her mother for being a Republican and not being able to stand up to her democratic friends to support her mother! Shame on Conway for giving in to her daughters demands!!! Another case of democrats bullying people into submission. Disgusting!
Tim Mccord August 24, 2020
| |
This girl is an ungraf brat.
Windy Girl August 24, 2020
| |
Smacks of a lying teen drama queen. Wonder if she has any friends who would corroborate the years of abuse, maybe having witnessed it.
Toni August 24, 2020
| |
You sound like a spoiled brat who can't get your way so you accuse your parents of abuse. All parents have to discipline their children but when the democrats were in office they called discipline abuse and children were becoming little thugs and drug addicts and doing anything to hurt their parents. This sounds like you!
TR Koenig August 24, 2020
| |
looking at her photo where she's made up to look like...ahh, i'll refrain, how can anyone take her seriously? she personifies "ME TOO"!
janetlapham August 24, 2020
| |
Another spoiled child that had everything given to them and didn't appreciate it. A hand on the butt doesn't hurt anyone, never has and never will!!!!!
Andrea Bilbo August 24, 2020
| |
Sounds to me that her daughter is a spoiled rotten little brat. Ungrateful and demanding. "She get it from her daddy"!!! She probably got her tail spanked growing up in a home where two parents chose to work. All kids these days are like this. Either dispespectful,still living at home democratic kids or demanding spoiled rotten republican kids. We all need to get back to correcting our children and keeping them out and away from adult business and conversation. That husband of hers should just go ahead and change his voting status to democrat. He is a disgrace to the republican party. I have been a democrat my entire life and have voted democrat all along, voting twice for Obama (I know I was crazy). I will NEVER vote for a Democrat again. No way will I ever believe that it's OK to abort a baby at 36-40 weeks of pregnancy. This is done to harvest their organs and some hormone that women use to keep their youthful look. The way the dem. party has treated this president is dispicable and unexcusable. You don't always have to like the pres. but you always have to respect the office. They have acted like little lieing children always lieing and seems as though they have a big secret they don't want anyone to find out about,and will go to any means to cover up. NOT the democratic (honest Mom & Pop) party that I grew up believing in.
Millie Cruz August 24, 2020
| |
Honor your father and mother You are a spoiled brat your drama dont move me at all children need spanking as you call abuse. I hope that you never will have a chance to have childrens Evil like ask for forgiveness.restore your life. get a charity job.
Jackie August 24, 2020
| |
I am soooo very sorry to learn about this. Kellyanne has been one of the foremost assets to this administration, especially to President Trump and to the American people. A position of her responsibility would understandably require an extensive amount of time and focus and with the children as old as they are, I would have hoped that they would have understood and fully supported her. They are young and have been most likely taught the 'no child left behind' communist propaganda in their school, so that and being an emotional teenage female it is not surprising that this daughter would be negative and rebellious. It is always easy for outsiders to judge them but we don't have any right to do that, and I would hope that Americans would pray for the family instead. The confusion and anti-Americanism and anti-Trump attitude that George contributes to the family is a deadly cancer for all of them and for America as well. How anyone can be so outright blind and stupid as to support the demon-rats and especially the Biden mob (akin to Epstein operation) is beyond my scope of understanding. Hopefully some well qualified intermediaries can become involved with the family and help them to successfully work through the issues. I pray the Lord will provide this help for them and all involved will be changed for the better. I will remember them in prayer and I sincerely hope Americans will as well. God bless them all.
J August 24, 2020
| |
I've been that teenager that felt like my parents were soooo embarrassing, sooooo hard on me,soooo uncool. I've also been the parent who has loved and sacrificed, who would do anything for their child's success in life. When this daughter is about 30, she will look back and cringe. But for now, she sounds like a typical teenager. Only problem, this ugly parent-daughter conflict is being aired before millions. The press should give them space and privacy, just as they do for most public figures.
Julieta August 24, 2020
| |
Yes we need a patriot.
Beverly Seymour August 24, 2020
| |
Sounds like a spoiled daughter to me. Ship her off to a private school and let her learn a few survival skills. She lives in a fine home, has all her needs met, pretty clothes, her Mom works for the most important man in the world, access to electronics...and she is complaining? She needs some responsibility, and take her allowance and make her get a JOB. NO more electronics! She needs a reality check, living way too privileged. Does she have any responsibilities at home? Has she won any school awards? What a woos. I grew up in a family of 13, had many home responsibilities, worked in high school, won 2 scholarships, put myself through college, worked a job and worked for room and board. Put this girl to work. She has way too much idle time and has way too big an impression of her importance. You are not important until you are a contributor to this life.
John B August 24, 2020
| |
Time out kids, ain't working folks!
Julia E Williams August 24, 2020
| |
OK now we heard your side of the story ---what about Mom and Dad's having to put up with you when they are trying to control your selfish attitude...they have jobs that they love and you should respect that and because your Mom is on the Republican side (that upsets you???) too bad suck it up kid...your spoiled and should be seeing the good in your parents instead of cutting them down...all parents have responsibilities to bring up their kids the best way they know how---i found out early in life the paddle was the answer and maybe that is what you seem to want and get what you want and when you don't you go public....shame on heart goes out to your parents....
Ann Bowers August 24, 2020
| |
This is a beautiful young women .My heart breaks for her because she probably thinks " tough Love " is abuse at her age. I pray for all of this family I believe Kellyanne is doing her best she is putting her family first. Hopefully her daughter will think ahead before she accuses her mother of abuse .That's very heart breaking and when she grows up a little more she might understand the choices her mother made. As far as her father ,I think he's a nut with how he's treated Kellyanne in public .Nothing more needs to be said.
Sam August 24, 2020
| |
Another millennial teen pushing the system for her own agenda. I have grandchildren playing the "abuse" card to get what they want. SMH.
Debbie August 24, 2020
| |
I hate to hear you are leaving. You are great at what you do. I also understand about family. I also understand teens when they don’t get their way. They can throw a parent under the bus without blinking. I know your family is your #1 priority and I wish you well.
Barbara wilson August 24, 2020
| |
I think shes a spoiled rotten brat and liar acting like shes a victim!!! Her mom is a wonderful person!!!!
Barbara Hinchy August 24, 2020
| |
I would guess we have here another entitled spoiled brat who feels neglected..and is taking it out on her parents..for something that did not go her way...too bad she is so public about something that should be kept within the family.
Linda Kroeger Wilson August 24, 2020
| |
Thank you Kelly for all you have done. Hoping you will go down in history as one of the most powerful and positive women of our time. And I'm sure when your daughter grows up she will appreciate you and recognize her immaturity and the hurt she imposed on you. We all know how teenagers get smart when they have their own. God bless.