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The Police Fight Back – Call Offs Around The US !


One of the benefits of living in the United States, especially in larger metro areas. has been the expectation that when you call the police, they are there quickly.

In Atlanta for example, those in blue have been there to help with stalled cars in the middle of the road, loud neighbors, domestic violence up to murder/suicides, these trained professionals have been proudly ready for action.

Things have changed overnight. Following the deaths of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks,  progressives have turned up the heat on all police forces, through BLM riots, over-reactive local governments, far-left news networks, internet trolls, and hateful acts, sometimes refusing services completely.

For days we have seen videos of police officers crying with black American children and family members assuring them to not fear the “white” police officers, spikes in violence against them for doing their jobs, and some simply leaving announcing why they are leaving their careers.

The breaking point for the police came yesterday. A corrupt Fulton, GA DA, in spite of video evidence, charged a police officer, with murder, as he fought with, and then shot a fleeing felon as he fired the officer’s own stolen taser back at him, flying over the officers head.

The press conference announcing the charges sent chills up police unions around the country. The police, in conjunction with their unions, are fighting back.

According to The Gateway Pundit

 Atlanta Dispatcher Spends 14 Minutes Giving Long List of Calls “Code 12” Where No Report Taken Because They Had No One to Send

There are reports tonight that police officers in Atlanta, Georgia called off work tonight after murder charges were filed against Officer Garrett Rolfe in the death of Rayshard Brooks last weekend.

There are now audio clips of Atlanta police dispatchers giving a long list of “Code 12” which means there was no one to send to a call in.

In addition to the Atlanta call-offs, 43 LAPD Transit Officers no-showed as the city cut their pay, after the fact.

So the war is on, NYPD is withdrawing from offices of prosecutors going soft on protesters, hard on police and officers around the country are banding together. More call-offs are expected as those who live in these failing social experiments, will not get the police services they deserve, as long as the officers take their stand, for the profession as a whole.

When progressives govern, the people suffer. The question is, why do they still get re-elected anyway?

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