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Rioters Attack CNN Crew in Atlanta As They Burn a Wendy’s Restaurant Where Rayshard Brooks Was Killed [VIDEO]


Saturday night, a crew from CNN was assaulted while standing outside of the Wendy’s in Atlanta, Georgia, where 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks was killed in a confrontation with police Friday night, while rioters started attacking and setting fire to the restaurant.  Why burn a restaurant that had nothing to do with Brooks’ death?

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms had already announced that police Chief Erika Shields was resigning over the incident, through which Brooks allegedly resisted arrest, seized an officer’s taser, and ran away before being shot three times.

Nonetheless, rioting broke out in the city, and eventually, a group of people began blocking Interstate 75 when a different group of rioters began setting fire to the Wendy’s.  CNN was trying to film the riot that they referred to as “protests,” because CNN is very dishonest, while masked people attacked the Wendy’s, trying to destroy it.  Yeah, just peaceful protesters.  Maybe they prefer McDonald’s?  #SMH

CNN’s Natasha Chen later recounted to Wolf Blitzer: “There were protesters very angry that we were recording this, and tried to block our cameras … and at that point they got aggressive, and our CNN camera was broken.”  Chen added that the “protesters” had additionally tried to stop her from filming using personal cell phone. She and her crew wound up having having to leave the area.  The Left eats its own.


CNN is based in Atlanta. Its headquarters had been vandalized during protests of the death of George Floyd on May 29.

Mainstream news networks, including Fake News CNN, have described the protests of the last three weeks as “mostly peaceful,” although reporters from quite a lot of networks, including MSNBC, Fox News, Breitbart News, and now CNN, have been attacked while making an attempt to document the unrest.  What they won’t put up with to make Orange Man bad.

These are the same people who said protesters wanting to reopen their businesses during the virus pandemic were a mob and out of control, even though there was no violence whatsoever, no restaurants or police precincts being burned.  With Fake News up is down, in is out, left is right, bad is good, and good is bad.  Welcome to 1984.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s a supercut clip from the fantastic Grabien News outlet.


Nevertheless, the networks have mostly downplayed these attacks, and only a few journalists have been brave enough to condemn them.  They have decided to only cover what they deem to be the safest demonstrations.  What happened to real journalists who would walk through a war to get the truth out?  Gone forever.

It’s horrible that Brooks was killed.  The nightmare our country has been going through is horrible.  But there’s a lesson here that you would think everyone would know.  You don’t point a weapon at cops.  Even a taser gun.  You just don’t do it.  I’m some of the cops involved didn’t know what kind of gun it was.  All they knew was a rioter was aiming a weapon at them, so they fired.    It’s tragic!  But now we’re going to see even more riots, because the mob, egged on by Democrats and the Fake News media downplaying the riots to be just peaceful protests, doesn’t care about the circumstances.  And Democrats in cities that are war torn by rioting are all just giving up their cities.  They’re giving in to a small percentage of people causing mayhem in their jurisdictions, many of them I would argue don’t even live there, because they don’t know how to lead.  I hope come November the innocent people who live in those cities remember who sold them out to the angry mob.

It’s ironic that the same politicians who threw draconian lockdown orders on their people for months are the same politicians who just threw them under the bus by agreeing to talk about dismantling the police.  Democrats are incapable of protecting their own people.

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