Police Are Investigating After White Kid is Knocked Out on Ocean City Boardwalk – Then Stomped On by Mob (VIDEO)


In what can only be described as a brutal assault on a white kid by a group of thugs, will be carefully ignored by the lamestream press.

They would have had a field day had a group of white thugs beat the crap out of a Black man.

He was pounded on by many of the crowd until he was in the ground unconscious, then they began stomping on him and they could have killed him.

The police have opened an investigation and they hope to identify the attackers and make arrests.

Not that it would do any good since the Democratic District Attorney will probably allow him to walk away from all charges.

That seems to be the fate of all rioters.

In St Louis, Soros backed DA Kim Gardner ordered all rioters to be released from jail.

The young man was assaulted on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland.  He will be okay after he recovers from the brutal beating.

Was this a hate crime? Was he attacked just for being white? I really can’t say until there is more evidence than just this tape.

From The Gateway Pundit

Pure Evil.
Police are investigating after a white kid was knocked out and then stomped on by a mob in Ocean City, Maryland on the boardwalk.

The media described this brutal beating as a “large brawl” that broke out.

But you can see from the video — This wasn’t a brawl.

It was a beating that may have left the child dead.
The kid was knocked out and then the mob continued to beat on him and at least one person stomped on him.


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