Black Georgia Sheriff Says Rayshard Brooks Shooting Was ‘Completely Justified’


The Atlanta DA charged a police officer with 11 crimes after he shot and killed Rayshard Brooks. This could be very bad news for the citizens of Atlanta. I have seen this scenario many times before. Right after a policeman is charged under suspect circumstances, other officers tend to hang back from trouble and the murder rate climbs.

Already many officers are calling in sick. Liberals are calling it murder because they say a taser is not a lethal weapon, but if one hits an officer and he is incapacitated. The suspect could then easily take the officer’s gun and shoot him.

Burke County, Ga., Sheriff Alfonzo Williams said:

“This is the third law enforcement agency I’ve been head of. Every agency I’ve gone to, I’ve required every officer who carries a Taser to be Tased with it, so that you understand the incapacitation.”

“Five seconds; 1,001, 1,002, 1,003, 1,004, 1,005. That’s five whole seconds. If an officer is hit with that Taser that he, all of his muscles will be locked up and he’ll have the inability to move and to respond. And yet he is still responsible for every weapon on his belt.

“So, if that officer had been hit, he still has a firearm on his side and the likelihood of him being stomped in the head or having his firearm taken and used against him was a probability. And so he did what he needed to do. And this was a completely justified shooting.”

It’s important to note that Sheriff Williams is Black.

From The Gateway Pundit

Brooks was shot as he attempted to flee Rolfe and another officer, Devin Brosnan, after they tried arrest Brooks when he failed a sobriety test. Brooks wrestled and punched both officers and stole one of their Tasers, which he fired at one as he ran. Rolfe then shot him twice.

“So you think lethal force here was necessary?” CNN anchor Brianna Keilar asked. Williams said the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution allowed for such force. “There’s nothing malicious or sadistic in the way these officers behaved.”

Rolfe was fired and the Atlanta police chief was forced out by Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, reportedly on the short list to become Joe Biden’s running mate. Williams also said the police department and the mayor should have backed the officer.

“It’s very unfortunate that the law enforcement leaders in the state of Georgia have not come out and stood together on this case,” Williams said. “I think it’s political and it’s senseless.

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