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Deep State Trying To Make Roger Stone’s Punishment For Bogus Process Crimes Into Virtual Death Penalty [Opinion]


Opinion| Lawrence David| In late January 2019, Special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of hired legal assassins, growing ever more desperate to smear President Trump and/or to induce the president to commit obstruction, submitted a seven-count indictment of Roger Stone…

(ABC News) President Donald Trump’s longtime political adviser and confidante Roger Stone pleaded not guilty in a federal courthouse in Washington on Tuesday, where the veteran GOP operative was arraigned on a seven-count indictment brought by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Jurors eventually returned a guilty verdict on all of seven counts.  This included five counts of lying to Congress, one count of witness tampering and one count of obstruction of a proceeding. 

Stone maintains his innocence then and to this day, with good reason.  As Mueller wrapped up his witch hunt, he was forced to admit that no underlying crime had been committed.

With no underlying crime having been committed, any misstatement by Stone was not material to the charges and therefore warranted acquittal.

Not so fast.

Underlying the charges against Stone was the allegation that Wikileaks served as the pass-through to the Trump campaign for emails hacked by Russia, and that Stone facilitated that.  

Fundamental to charging Stone should have been proving Russia was indeed a player in hacking the DNC server.  However, no proof has ever been presented that Russia had any involvement, at all.

At Stone’s trial, the alleged role that Russia played was accepted as gospel.  Mueller and his team of prosecutors should have acknowledged that was never proven.  

As we learned with the recently declassified testimony of Shawn Henry, president of Crowdstrike, the private contractor hired by the DNC to implicate Russia, there was no proof that any files were even exfiltrated.

That leaves us to surmise that FBI Director James Comey allowed a private contractor to do the forensic examination that should have been done by the FBI to perpetuate a lie that Russia was involved… It turns out that the FBI lied, not Roger Stone.  

Stone wasn’t the only Trump associate to be singled out for prosecution in order to get to Trump.  Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos, Julian Assange, and Lt General Michael Flynn were similarly squeezed to plead guilty to charges totally unrelated to Russia.

Stone refused to plead to a crime he didn’t commit.  

A jury of Trump-hating Democrats and a biased left-wing judge, Obama appointee Amy Jackson Berman, determined to inflict maximum political damage on the president, returned a guilty verdict on all of seven counts including five counts of lying to Congress, one count of witness tampering and one count of obstruction of a proceeding.

At Stone’s sentencing he was given up to nine years in prison.  It was all politically motivated and what follows proves it.

When the Awan brothers, working under/for congressional Democrats committed espionage, that went to the heart of our national security, they received a slap on the wrist… 

When Senate SCI Security Director James Wolfe was allowed to plead only to lying to investigators when the evidence was clear from the outset that he leaked classified information to his journalist concubine he was sentenced two months in prison….

Obama lawyer Greg Craig escaped accountability for FARA violations by running out the statute of limitations and burying Mueller’s evidence for 18 months.  Manafort and Flynn were bankrupted.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was accused of lying to INSD investigators about media leaks.  The DOJ declined prosecution.

Notice a pattern, yet?

There is a Deep State… a uniparty that runs this country and anyone who threatens it, anyone who threatens their control of trillions of dollars and to return it to “We the People” must be stopped… 

Lending credibility to that claim, Stone contends that he was offered a deal to betray President Trump…

Lou Dobbs: Roger do you think you were targeted by Mueller specifically to get dirt to put you under pressure to get dirt on President trump?

Stone: There’s no question whatsoever after illegal leaks over a year saying I would be charged with treason and conspiracy against the United States being the link between the Trump campaign and Russia… but there was no provable Russian involvement…

The man now running to top the swamp, Joe Biden, expressed the same desperation to stop Trump, when called out President Trump as an “existential threat” to the U.S. during a campaign appearance.

The need to protect longtime D.C. corrupt insiders… politicians, associates, and their attorneys… was the likely reason they escaped full accountability.

Not Roger Stone who is facing 3 years in a federal lockup for supposedly lying about something that never happened.  And that only because the attorney general stepped in, in order to ensure Roger’s sentence was commensurate with the charges against him.  If the hit squad of partisan prosecution had not gone rogue and handed down an over the top sentence recommendation to begin with, the AG would never have had to get involved.  The whole debacle was a charade. 

Stone is scheduled to surrender to authorities at the end June.  He’s 67 years old, making him susceptible to the CCP virus.  

At a time when jails are releasing convicted fraudster and want to be Trump legal assassin, Michael Avenatti, the disgraced former officer of the court, turned witch hunt human puppet, perpetual liar and arch criminal, Michael Cohen, along with child molesters and even murderers to prevent them from contracting the virus. 

Stone, who represents a threat to absolutely no one, has thus far been refused such relief.  Despite the fact the man is over 65, has a history of respiratory illness, and the fact that the prison he is to be sent to in Georgia (hundreds of miles from his family) is riddled with Covid-19.  In short, sending Roger to this prison instead of sentencing him to home confinement, more than likely turns the punishment for his process crimes into the death penalty.  

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