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Power Hungry Leftist Gov Goes Too Far, Ends Up With ‘Egg’ On Her Face As Citizens Refuse To Obey


STEVEN AHLE| OPINION| On Friday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed an executive order to bankrupt the state, extend the emergency declaration, and keep the state closed until July 6th.

On July 7th she will demand that President Trump bail her state out. And on July 8th, the mass evictions and repossessions take place.

This means that people must stay home in their houses for at least the next two months. If you cannot work from home, you just have to apply for as many credit cards as you possibly can To help you make ends meet.

DTMNBN must really be bad in Oregon. Don’t you think? You’d be wrong. Oregon ranks 40th in DTMNBN cases. They have had just 104 deaths by DTMNBN out of a population of 4 million people.

But, if this was not about Brown grabbing power, she could have extended the state of emergency just 30 days and then reevaluate at that time.

By extending it 60 days, she does not have to evaluate it in 30 days, so if the numbers are way down she has another 30 days without having to explain her decision.

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This is not about saving lives and Brown knows it. She is enjoying her newly acquired powers and plans to hold onto them while she can, even though circumstances no longer warrant it.

Attorney General William Barr spoke at a Twitter Q and A on Friday and discussed the issue of government overreach. Barr said the government “unquestionably has the right” to “impose reasonable and temporary restrictions” during a public health emergency, however, “the Bill of Rights doesn’t go away during a crisis like this. What it does do is it requires that the government justify any restrictions as truly necessary.”

Barr agreed with the early measures “because we didn’t know much about the disease except that it was very contagious.”

“But now that the curve has been flattened, the rate of spread has been slowed, our system has not been overwhelmed and has time to adjust to the situation, it’s time to start rolling back some of these restrictions in an orderly and sensible way,” he explained.

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