August 12, 2022

John Durham Expands His Investigative Team as He Ramps Up Spygate Probe

AG Bill Barr’s hand picked prosecuting investigator of Obama’s Spygate scandal is now adding more investigators which must mean he has found something major and needs additional help in bringing it to light.

Investigative reporter John Solomon says he knows several of those who have testified before the grand jury and it includes several FBI agents.

Also some from other parts of the intelligence community.

Solomon believes that the first indictment will be Kevin Clinesmith, who altered an email to hide exculpatory evidence in the Carter Page investigation in order to implicate him as a Russian agent even though Page worked with the CIA to bring Russians to court for various crimes.

The investigation is keying on the intelligence community and their attempts to shape a narrative of Russian interference where none exists.

The question I have is will Durham indict some of the wrongdoers immediately or will he wait and issue all the indictments at once.

Also, will the Deep State steer some of these cases to crooked judge Amy Berman Jackson?

From The Gateway Pundit

NN reported Wednesday that Durham and his team have reviewing highly classified documents inside of a SCIF [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility] and in recent weeks added FBI agents to his team of investigators.

In recent weeks Durham has added to his team of investigators who operate in Connecticut and Washington, DC, including FBI agents and the chief of the violent crimes and narcotics section in the US Attorney’s Office in Washington, Anthony Scarpelli, people familiar with the probe said.

Durham’s focus appears to have turned toward decisions made by top officials overseeing the intelligence analysis of Russian election interference efforts in 2016, and particularly the leadership of then-CIA director John Brennan and then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, according to more than a half dozen people familiar with the investigation.

Durham’s investigators have asked witnesses about examining the information that backs the US intelligence community’s assessment that the Russian interference effort was aimed in part to get Donald Trump elected, a person familiar with the matter said.

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