Denver Riots: Woman Runs Over Protester Who Jumped on the Hood of Her Car [VIDEO]


The rioting in Denver, Colorado is getting out of hand. A rioter jumped on the hood of a woman trying to make her way through the protesters. The rioter fell off her hood and she took a sharp right, hitting him before speeding off as she was being chased by the rioters.

Riots are sweeping the country, not surprisingly in cities run by Democrats because they don’t dare try that in a city that will use it’s police departments to oppose them. They prefer cities where cowardly mayors are afraid to take action against them.

Gunshots towards the state capital have been reported as the riots across the country are getting more violent every day. Unless action is taken to end the violence, it will only get worse. The Democrats will blame Trump for this.

Democrats, who have racist Joe Biden as their candidate will say that Trump fueled the killing of George Floyd. They will continue to support Joe “KKK” Biden the same way the #MeToo movement does.

From The Gateway Pundit

No gunshot injuries have been reported. KKTV 11 reports that it remains unclear if the gunfire was connected to the rally.

Denver has one of the largest Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements in the nation, possibly second only to Oakland.

The crowd also blocked both lanes of Interstate 25.



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Thorton June 27, 2020
| |
need more of that
Steve June 27, 2020
| |
Glad to see this.If the People are Stupid enough to get in the Roads and block traffic and Threaten People,Then they Deserve what they get.Time to take the Gloves Off and Put these Assholes in their Place.To Bad it wasn't A Semi truck,That Would really Teach the POS a lesson.
Joann Holmes June 27, 2020
| |
More people should do the exact same thing then maybe they would get the hell out of our way, they have no right to do what they have been doing, run their asses over.