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WATCH: Video Highlights MSNBC’s Worst Takes Of 2019


The Washington Free Beacon has created a video of the worst lies and predictions from the hosts and guests on MSNBC.

I don’t see how they were able to keep the video below 27 hours. They must have edited a lot of them out.

There are some assertions they make in which they do not inform their viewers that the things they’re seeing are just a normal way of doing business.

For instance, hosts on MSNBC (PMSDNC?) were wringing their hands over the fact that the Trump campaign is using the list from the sales of items to use to encourage donations to the campaigns.

They do not inform their readers that this has been common practice for the past three decades and that every candidate does it.

They get away with it because their viewers aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.

Another clip shows a guest saying that the Democrats do not have even a smidgeon of racism.

But Democrats say racism is the reason people don’t vote for Blacks.

Tell that to Kamala Harris, who was forced to drop out of the race, or Cory Booker, who should have dropped out – or Gabbard and Yang, who are held down by the DNC and their rules.

From The Daily Wire:

Chris Hayes makes the video for claiming “it really seems like the bad guys won here” after Democratic Rep. Katie Hill resigned once news broke that she slept with members of her staff. The relationships were consensual, though one of the staffers seemed hurt afterwards, but the Left has spent years telling us that subordinates simply cannot consent to sexual relationships from their superiors – at least that’s the case when a male superior sleeps with a female employee. For Katie Hill, she was portrayed as the victim, because to the Left, all women are victims.

MSNBC had on a guest this year who told Democrats to impeach Vice President Mike Pence first (for what, we don’t know), and strike a deal where if Trump then didn’t appoint a new vice president, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) would become president.

Another guest claimed the Trump administration was to blame for Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, saying the convicted sex offender was in their “custody.”

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