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The Answer To Tyranny Is Suddenly Obvious: 2A Sanctuaries and Armed Militias in Every County, Every State Across America


(Natural News) Nothing scares authoritarian-minded Leftists more than the word “militia.” It brings to their twisted minds images of banjos and chew spit drool, long beards and camo-printed underwear, smoking hot AR-15s and rustic American flags.

The delusional, lawless Left is absolutely convinced that militias are somehow illegal, even when they are specifically named in the Second Amendment, and Leftists apparently have no clue that militias largely consist of present or former members of law enforcement or the U.S. military, along with a wide array of law-abiding citizens who share a common desire to defend the republic and preserve the rule of law.

Now, militias are exploding in popularity across America, right alongside 2A sanctuaries (“gun sanctuaries”) which are suddenly skyrocketing in popularity in states way beyond Virginia. Think Oregon, Illinois, New Mexico, Washington and even California, among other states.

This has set the radical Left into a total panic, and they’re desperately trying to pressure liberal lawmakers to find some way to declare militias to be illegal.

Democrat-run Virginia is attempting to pass a new law, SB64, that would achieve that goal, criminalizing all self-defense training activities overnight, even ensnaring martial arts instructors and concealed carry firearms instructors as felons.

The radical Left started the whole “sanctuary” movement… now they’re watching in terror at what they’ve unleashed

What’s especially ironic about all this is that it’s the lawless Left that started the whole “sanctuary” movement which set the precedent of states, counties or municipalities declaring themselves immune from laws they don’t like.

Of course, for the radical Left, their sanctuaries were all about protecting illegal aliens and granting them legal immunity, even if they were rapists, murderers or child traffickers.

There’s no crime too extreme for a Leftist to ignore when they’re trying to grow their voting base with more illegals, it turns out.

Having established the “sanctuary” movement themselves, the Left is now screaming bloody murder at the spontaneous uprisings of “gun sanctuaries” — counties or cities that declare they will not follow laws which trample the Second Amendment rights of their citizens.

According to the hypocritical Left, gun sanctuaries are illegal, but their own illegal immigration sanctuaries must be respected. That’s the Left for you: If they didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

For example, just yesterday, National File reported that Virginia’s Attorney General has officially declare 2A sanctuary counties and cities in Virginia to be illegal. As reported by Frankine Stockes:

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring issued an advisory opinion on the Commonwealth’s ever-growing 2nd Amendment sanctuary movement Friday morning, saying the resolutions passed by over 100 Virginia localities have “no legal effect.”

In Virginia, a reported 90+ counties and municipalities have declared pro-2A sanctuary status. As of 12/19, the tally was 85 counties, 9 cities and 17 towns. The pro-2A map of Virginia looks like this (where green means pro-2A): (source:

A similar movement is spontaneously spreading to many other states, increasingly shaping those states into what can only be described as Democrat-controlled capital cities surrounded by pro-2A counties populated by real Americans.

In almost every state in America, the Democrats are literally surrounded by gun-owning, pro-2A Americans who are sick and tired of being censored, slandered and threatened by authoritarian Democrats. And the uprising against that tyranny looks like the map you see above: An explosion of 2A sanctuary counties.

The movement is spreading like wildfire across America, effectively drawing the battle lines of the coming civil war which seems on the verge of breaking out at almost any moment.

“An armed and trained militia is the firmest bulwark of republics — that without standing armies their liberty can never be in danger, nor with large ones safe…” – James Madison (First Inaugural Address, Saturday, March 4, 1809.)

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