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Opinion| Why Adam Schiff Is Still Protecting The So-Called Whistleblower


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) has a lot to worry about concerning his role in manufacturing President Trump’s impeachment, because his misconduct has been much talked about, and the conversations being generated are now in the target zone of Tom Fitton, the head of Judicial Watch, the top nonprofit watchdog organization that promotes government transparency.  Judicial Watch is now suing to get the Schiff’s whistleblower’s emails.

Regardless of what happens in the Senate trial, or even if a trial ever happens, Schiff must be held accountable for what he has put this country through for three plus years.

The American people need to learn the truth about the so-called whistleblower.  I say “so-called” whistleblower, because I don’t believe he fits the DOJ criteria of a whistleblower.  Whereas real whistleblowers are considered heroes, the man that Judicial Watch and many other media networks have identified as the whistleblower, and who has never denied it, is no hero to law and order.

I can’t name him here, because Facebook and other leftist social media networks, who are in the tank for the devious Democrats, would unpublish our pages and demonetize us for spreading truth, and even though everyone knows who he is by this point, that’s what we conservatives have to put up with.  I will refer to him here as Mr. A-Hole, and I believe I am being generous.

To dignify Mr. A-Hole by referring to him as a whistleblower mischaracterizes what he actually did, which was not to blow the whistle on what he perceived as wrong-doing in government, which is what a real whistleblower does.  Mr. A-Hole filed a whistleblower complaint after he first reached out to Schiff’s office, and the fact that he violated the whistleblower statute by not first going to the Inspector General with his complaint never once made it to the Democrats or their stenographers in the Fake News media’s radar.

Mr. A-Hole had no first-hand knowledge of Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, so how could he possibly understand the president’s motivations on the call?  “I was told by multiple US officials” just isn’t good enough when you’re accusing the president of the United States of wrongdoing.  In fact, the president is not supposed to be subjected to the whistleblower law as he is the one that these types of complaint are given.

No, Mr. A-Hole is not a whistleblower.  He became the point man for Never Trumpers, and unlike real heroes this bum has been hiding from public view because he’s too cowardly to face any scrutiny.

Real whistleblowers file complaints that come from firsthand knowledge, and they have the balls to stand up and expose abuses of power that would otherwise never see the light of day.  They don’t cower behind an unscrupulous congressman who lies about there being anonymity in the whistleblower statute when the statute declares that only person in America cannot identify him, and that is the Inspector General (IG).  Anyone else can say his name, but only if you don’t want to be punished by the Silicon Valley mafia.

America actually witnessed Schiff slam his gavel down multiple times to protect Mr. A-Hole’s name from being mentioned during testimony, even though Schiff has claimed he doesn’t know who the whistleblower is.  How did he know to block a witness from saying the whistleblower’s name if he doesn’t know who it is?

Schiff is arguing that the whistleblower should not be called in as a witness to a Senate trial.  There is no immunity for a whistleblower from testifying, and since the whole phony impeachment process started because of the lies told by Mr. A-Hole, it is absolutely necessary that he be called as a witness.  I believe Schiff is worried that his role in helping the whistleblower file the complaint will be exposed to the public, and that would be very bad for the California congressman.

From the New York Post:

What is already known is that on July 26, one day after Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president, Schiff hired Sean Misko to join his staff. Shortly after that hire, Schiff’s staff met with Mr.A-hole, a friend and co-worker of Misko’s in the ­intelligence community. Schiff’s staff gave Mr. A-Hole “guidance” on how to make a complaint. A cozy arrangement. The e-mails will likely divulge more.

Schiff concealed these dealings until The New York Times caught him in the lie. Schiff also withheld from House investigators documents detailing how his staff aided the whistleblower.

The whistleblower filed his complaint with intelligence-community Inspector General Michael Atkinson on Aug. 12, also concealing that he had met with Schiff’s staff. When the complaint became public in September, Schiff feigned surprise.

Even worse, Schiff obscured how the whistleblower complaint ever saw the light of day. The big question is why Atkinson deemed the complaint “credible” enough to be reported to Congress — the trigger required for Schiff to launch an ­impeachment investigation.

The document contained nothing but “second-hand or unsubstantiated assertions” that regulations say are insufficient for a complaint to be acted on. Accounts of wrongdoing from co-workers don’t qualify. Atkinson’s Sept. 30 statement ­defending his decision to deem the complaint “credible” amounts to: “I did it, because I did it.” He never gave a reason.

Schiff is withholding testimony and other documents from the light of day, because they will expose him for manufacturing the impeachment of a duly-elected president right before an election year.

I hope that Judicial Watch gets those emails, because Adam Schiff deserves to go down for the treacherous acts he’s committed so far, for putting the country through hell for three years starting with his daily lies about having proof that Trump colluded with the Russians, and there is no doubt in my mind that this guy isn’t done attacking an innocent president with wholly fabricated rhetoric.

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