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CNN Gets ‘Supercut’ Of Their Own Impeachment Coverage Removed From YouTube, And We Got It [VIDEO]


CNN’s coverage of the House Democrat’s impeachment farce is a lesson in Fake News fantasy and pipe dreams.

While the rest of the country are going about their lives, Fake News CNN has been building up what the Democrats have been doing to President Trump as a combination of Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence and winning WWII.

Tom Elliott, Founder of Grabien Media, put together a supercut of the Borg collective-like coverage of CNN’s impeachment hit pieces, and the theme of their reporting is “historic.”

There was just one problem with his hilarious video medley of CNN nitwits in action.

CNN was so offended, BY THEIR OWN REPORTING, that they declared copyright claims on YouTube, and were able to get the video removed.

The essence of what each reporter, anchor, correspondent (who knows, because CNN mixes opinion people with supposed journalists), said was not edited.  It was their own words, their own reporting.

Fortunately, Elliott was able to get another copy onto the YouTube platform.

When every day is historic does that really mean none of them are?

The only historic thing about the entire sham impeachment process is the gall of Democrats to pretend that they have actually proven that President Trump has committed some high crime or misdemeanor that’s worth impeaching him.   The fact that Pelosi said she has a “heavy heart” in doing this, and she invoked the Democrats’ oath to the Constitution was enough to make you nauseous.

What a bunch of whiny little sissies CNN has become.  If they’re offended so much, they should stop using the talking points of Jeff Zucker and his minions.  This isn’t the first time this has been done.  Rush Limbaugh has done medleys since the days of the “gravitas” reporting when George W Bush was running for president where just about every member of the mainstream news media said Bush didn’t have the gravitas to be elected president, not realizing that about 99 percent of their viewership never heard of the word.  The fact that every network news reporter, anchor, and pundit all used the word in a single weekend made people take notice of how news is being reported.

From Red State:

There’s also the fact that supercuts of news coverage are covered under fair use standards, i.e. CNN had no legal right to have it removed. Despite that, YouTube responded to Elliot and told him he didn’t even have a valid reason to file a counter response. Because of course they did. Twitter seems to not be playing ball though, so that’s good at least.

CNN’s recent coverage is just an extension of what we’ve been hearing for three years now. “The walls are closing in” and “bombshells” followed by the polar opposite happening. Trying to paint this joke, partisan impeachment as “historic” is just ridiculous, but it’s par for the course. These outlets are always going to pee on your leg and tell you it’s raining. Unfortunately for them, most Americans don’t trust their characterizations or simply aren’t paying attention anyway.

David Rutz of The Washington Free Beacon was one of the first to point out that supercuts are protected under Fair Use.

To which Elliott replied.


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