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BREAKING: Mark Meadows Exposes First Bombshells From IG Report


Opinion| Mark Sidney| U.S. Representative Mark Meadows just left a two-hour briefing on the just released IG Report. 

Don’t believe the all-in lying media.

At 11:15 AM The esteemed Congressman tweeted out:

‘While Democrats hold another useless impeachment hearing, repeating evidence-free allegations…

We’re about to see a report (with real evidence) detailing disturbing, significant FISA abuse on the part of former senior FBI and DOJ officials.’


A mere hour and 20 minuets later Rep. Meadows Tweeted:

‘I just got out of a nearly 2 hour briefing on the IG report.

It is deeply disturbing.

Some former FBI and DOJ officials are about to have some serious explaining to do.

More details to come shortly.’

He then added:

‘And after reading this, it’s no wonder we’ve been seeing defensive leaks in the New York Times and CNN. And that the Democrats rushed to hold an impeachment hearing the same day.

It’s every bit as bad as advertised. And certainly worse than the media has been suggesting.’

Followed by:

‘The spin begins.

The public is about to see what these “performance failures” were.’

Then the report dropped:

‘BREAKING: IG report officially released.

It reveals FBI “fell far short” in vetting accuracy of FISA applications, knowingly withheld exculpatory information, used ‘defensive briefings’ to secretly asses the Trump campaign, used known illegitimate sources, and more.’

‘Predictably, some media allies of Democrats spinning hard.

This is what the investigation was about, pg 361: IG found “numerous serious factual errors and omissions in the FISA applications … that undercut certain allegations in the applications.”


‘You won’t see this in headlines, because it proves EXACTLY what we’ve been saying.

FBI used knowingly false and dubious information in a FISA as an excuse to surveil American citizens in the Trump campaign. And kept using the same bad info in renewals! Stunning abuse of power.’

Mere Seconds Ago:

Wow… page 341. IG says FBI used an Aug. 2016 ‘defensive briefing’ with the Trump campaign as an “opportunity to gather potentially relevant investigative information” about Michael Flynn They used defensive briefings for their investigation into the Trump campaign


This story is developing, more to come as it breaks …

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