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Hunter Biden Case Busts Wide Open After Biden Refuses To Turn Over Financial Docs


Joe Biden’s Achilles’ heal, or ‘Hunter Biden’, as the media refers to him, has found himself in a real quagmire in Arkansas.

On the off chance you have not been following this case closely, here is a three sentence summary:

Hunter Biden got a stripper pregnant and denied it was his baby until science had proven he was in fact, the father.

Hunter allegedly refused to pay for his child’s expenses, and his baby mama’s legal fees.

Lunden Roberts’, the woman who is the mother of Hunter’s baby, has requested Hunter submit financial documents to the court which include his earnings from Burisma and Hunter has thus far refused the court order.

Here is what is new:

Hunter did not supply his financials as the court ordered, by the date which the court ordered them to be turned in.  Previously, Hunter had claimed, in a sworn affidavit, mind you, that we was unemployed and in debt.

The Gateway Pundit is now reporting that ‘Independent County Circuit Judge Don McSpadden suddenly recused himself from Hunter Biden’s paternity case Tuesday morning.’

Lunden Roberts’ attorneys are asking that Hunter Biden be held in contempt of court for refusing to turn over his financial records related to Burisma and the Chinese private equity firm.

Here is what the local paper, the Democrat Arkansas Gazette, reported:

“McSpadden filed an order at 10:20 AM Tuesday saying he was recusing “pursuant to the Administrative Plan of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit.”
A hearing in the case was scheduled for Tuesday. Attorneys for Lunden Alexis Roberts had urged the judge to find Biden in contempt of court at that hearing for not providing financial information for the past five years.

“One of the clearest indicators of a judge’s integrity is when he or she recuses from a case,” said Clinton Lancaster, one of Roberts’ attorneys. “It highlights the ethos and values that make the judiciary such a powerful, separate branch of government. Our client sincerely thanks Judge McSpadden for his time and attention to what has become a difficult and convoluted child support matter.””

Now, The Daily Mail is reporting that Joel Caplan, a man who has identified himself as a ‘defrauded investor’ has filed a motion, which intends to make him a party to Lunden Roberts’ case.

Joel Caplan has made some bombshell claims.  Among them is that he was taken advantage of, in what is being called the ‘China Hustle.’  Caplan has stated that Hunter Biden’s bank records will prove his role in the fraud.

Stay tuned, more to come on the ‘China Hustle” …

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