AG Barr Approves Unredacting Christopher Steele Dossier Information Before IG Report Released


Former British spy Christopher Steele, the supposed author of the anti Trump dossier, was told that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will release information about him and his actions that was previously redacted, or blacked out, in the department’s IG report on the investigation into candidate Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, which is due on Monday.

According to the New York Times, two individuals with knowledge of the situation, reported that Attorney General (AG) William Barr approved the release of the information that was previously redacted in Michael Horowitz’s 400-page IG report.

In the report it says that Steele’s heads-up was “unusual” and said he was not given any indication of whether the information would benefit or hurt him.

Steele didn’t exactly write the dossier.  It is believed that Fusion GPS’s founder Glenn Simpson wrote the dossier back in 2007 and published it in the Wall Street Journal. In short, it was a script.   When Plan A of the Obama administration’s government coup got blocked by Admiral Mike Rogers, the NSA director, who found out private contractors were hitting the NSA database heavily and shut it down, James Comey’s FBI had to find another way.  So, they reached out to Fusion GPS, and Simpson gave them the script.  They just changed the names of the actors involved to Donald Trump.  The FBI couldn’t use Simpson as the source of the dossier, because he wasn’t considered a “trusted” source by the FBI.  However, Christopher Steel was a confidential informant for the FBI in the past, and therefore was considered a “trusted” source.  The FBI knew Steele hated Trump and wanted badly to see him lose the election, so they got him to claim he was the author of the dossier.

Steele is going to be a notable figure in the IG report because he took credit for providing opposition research into the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia which was funded by Democrats and the Clinton campaign.

The majority of the dossier has been discredited and debunked.  In fact, James Comey testified before Congress that he told President-Elect Donald Trump that the dossier was “salacious and unverified,” and he confirmed that as far as he knew it was still unverified.  Yet he used an unverified dossier to file for a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

From Fox News:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller also was unable to substantiate the dossier’s claims that Carter Page, who worked on the Trump campaign, had received a large payment relating to the sale of a share of Rosneft, a Russian oil giant, or that a lurid blackmail tape involving the president existed.

Horowitz’s report, as described by people familiar with its findings, is expected to conclude there was an adequate basis for opening one of the most politically sensitive investigations in FBI history and one that Trump has denounced as a witch hunt. It began in secret during Trump’s 2016 presidential run and was ultimately taken over by Mueller .

The report comes as Trump faces an impeachment inquiry in Congress centered on his efforts to press Ukraine to investigate a political rival, Democrat Joe Biden — a probe the president also claims is politically biased.

The mainstream media, ever supporting Democrats and trashing Republicans, has been trying to downplay the forthcoming IG report for weeks in order to plant the seed in the minds of the American public that there’s nothing to it.

I believe the president for it right when he tweeted on Sunday: “I.G. report out tomorrow. That will be the big story!”

Stay tuned.

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