3rd Highest Ranking Congressional Democrat On President Trump: ‘Hang Him’ [Video]


Opinion| Mark Sidney|  I have not decided if I should write this article from the angle of ‘OMG, how dare people in positions of power use such rhetoric, this is dangerous,’ or from the approach of ‘how many times do the Democrats have to tell us that they want Trump dead before we start believing them?’

I guess I will sprinkle in a little bit of both, here goes …

While it should come so no surprise that the Democrats, who have been trying to remove Trump from office, since well before he was even inaugurated, are resorting to the least any means necessary to remove POTUS.

Hell, I would be very surprised if that Durham report does not prove that the Democrats and their overlords in the DS, were actively working to prevent his election (that’s called election rigging btw) dating as far back as 2015, or perhaps, even longer.

Seeing as we know that Congressmen, such as Nadler, have been openly calling for Trump to be removed since before he even took office.

The Democrats want to talk about impartiality in a Senate trial?  Are they really so far out of touch that they think anyone in America has the least bit of confidence in their words?

Thus far this ‘impeachment’ process has been a Soviet style show trial that would have made Stalin himself blush.

Just when you think the Dems can not make their blind hatred of Trump any more clear, they do.

Ask yourself what about Trump would have the swamp so scared?

What is it that Trump threatens of theirs?

Could it be their illicit incomes?

Could it be the crimes they have committed against the Republic for their own benefit?

Do not tell me that it is because of their love of America, because ‘that dog does not hunt.’

If the Dems cared about Americans they would not be trying to socialize medicine, they would not be praising post birth abortion, they would not be incentivizing people to come here illegally, they would not be trying to take our guns … I could go on, but we would be here all day.

Whatever the reason, the Democrats want Trump ‘hung.’

Don’t take my word for it, listen to the man himself, #3 ranking House Democrat, James Clyburn:

The Dems know exactly what they are doing using language like this.  Their intentions are as clear as a bell (to me at least).  It sure feels like they are trying to inspire someone to try and ‘take Trump out’ in order to obtain all the fame and recognition that the left would heap on anyone who was able to hurt Trump.

In my view, comments like these are never off the cuff, this is likely a form of psychological warfare.  For those of you who are skeptical, just google a list of all the times someone (from Kathy Griffen to Madonna) on the left has evoked the imagery of a murdered Donald Trump.

Make no mistake, none of this is, was, has been or will be, by accident.  The Dems and their DS pals will stop at nothing to keep Trump for breaking up the, likely trillion dollar, rackets they have worked for decades to install.

Again, this is a metaphorical battle to the death, either the Republic defeats it’s Demons, or we are conquered once and for all.  The ball is in your court America …

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