Antifa Thugs Violently Attack Conservative Activist Kaitlin Bennett Near Trump Rally in Lexington – Cops Refuse to Make Arrests (VIDEO)


Just before starting this article I decided to take a quick peek at my Twitter account, and this tweet popped up right at the top of my feed.

The young woman who got assaulted and had her microphone ripped out of her hand is Kaitlin Bennett, an outspoken conservative woman who has taken on the task of being a vocal Second Amendment supporter and firearm open-carry proponent.

She is the media director for Liberty Hangout, whose mission, according to their Twitter account, is Promoting the message of peace, prosperity, and property rights since February 11, 2015.

She was at President Trump’s rally Monday evening in Lexington, Kentucky when the thug rushed her and started grappling for her microphone. Police were on hand but made no arrests.

They downplayed the whole incident and in her words, they “made no arrests because their hands are tied & lying that they didn’t witness the assault. They also told me I have a responsibility to “turn & go the other way” if we see him again, but they dont have a responsibility to arrest him”

So, here we have a woman exercising her First Amendment privileges while voicing her support in favor of the Second Amendment, and an Antifa thug is permitted to come up to her, violently assault her, deprive her of her personal property in full view of the police at the scene, and all they want her to do us RUN AWAY?? Are you KIDDING me??

Speaking for myself, the more I see these Antifa thugs getting away with bodily assault as if it’s no big deal, the more I believe it’s time to officially declare them to be a domestic terror organization.

They are literally trying to frighten people into shunning President Trump and turn to the Dark Side of the Democrat party, but people are getting beyond fed up with them and are starting to resist.

At least we can give most of them credit for being smart enough to not attack a healthy and fit man, but instead, pick on senior citizens or women or those less physically capable of defending themselves.

That’s the height of cowardice. They wear their hoodies and masks to hide their faces from public view and only prey upon the weak.

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