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Digital Genocide: I May No Longer Be Able To Support President Trump And You Are Probably Next


Mark Sidney – Illicit Info | Odds are good that you are not going to like what I have to say.

Let me start off by saying that I have spent the last 4 years of my life promoting, defending and supporting Donald Trump, first as a candidate, then as President of The United States.

I have dedicated my life to publishing opinion content supportive of the nationalist/populist movement and its current leader, Donald J Trump.

It was the millions of people like you and me who got Donald Trump elected.  While the mainstream media went on and on about how much of a joke they wanted you to think Trump was, you and I were on Facebook defending him and exposing the lies of the news, nightly.

It was you and I who showed the American people that they were not alone in their support for an outsider as President.  

Clearly, I am not the only one who came to the conclusion that Facebook, and the independent grassroots conservative activists on the platform, were the reason Trump won in 2016.

As soon as Trump was announced the winner of the election, the left & the mainstream media blamed Facebook for allowing “Russians” (read: “conservatives speaking out with blogs, Facebook Pages & Facebook accounts”) to infiltrate the platform. Supposedly the “Russians” were the reason Trump won.

I can assure you that it was not the “Russians” who won Trump the election, it was YOU. “Russians” became the excuse to de-platform anyone, including many Americans, who a spouse views antithetical to that of the oligarchs of Silicon Valley.

Here we are, almost 3 years out from the historic victory  in 2016, and 95% of the websites & Facebook Pages who supported President Trump have been deplatformed and deleted, the remainder have been shadow banned or unpublished.

Those of us who still manage to survive are running skeleton crews, trying to combat the 90-99% reductions in reach & what appears to be a conspiracy among ad networks not to work with, and to financially strangle websites supportive of President Trump.

I will not name companies, but a prominent ad company, who used to stand up for the liberty of speech told me explicitly it was my support for President Trump that was causing my earnings to drop by 75%. But do not fret for me, I am one of the fortunate ones, most activists, including my partner on Spreely, a free speech alternative to FB, Terry,  have had everything everything stolen from them, I believe because we were fighting to support the President.

Through all this, we soldier on.  The point of this article is not to get you to feel sorry for us.  I know that you have been dealing with the same things we have … multiple bids in FB jail for absurd reasons, inability to see the content you chose, ads and establishment media posts spammed into your newsfeed instead of the pages you followed, the reduction in reach of any posts supportive of the President and more, much more.

The purpose of this article is to ask President Trump What the **** is he waiting for to stop the destruction of the 1st Amendment by Facebook? If  (or WHEN, as it is only a matter of time) this were happening to leftists, we would be the first in line to defend their right to speak freely to on social media ( I know that is easy to say but it is the truth).  It would be easy for Trump to ignore it if his critics were being censored, immoral, but easy.  However, that is not the case, it is those of us who worked tirelessly and dedicated ourselves to promoting Trump while combating the barrage of lies the media has told about him day in and day out for the last 4 years. It is us, his die hard supporters, who are the ongoing victims of this unprecedented digital genocide.

The President has done less than nothing that I am aware of to stop Facebook and other Tech Left speech cartel members from pissing all over the natural right to freedom of speech.  One media outlet recently said that “Facebook faces no existential threat under the current administration” but suggested they would from a leading Democratic candidate.  The fact of the matter is that is it already too late.  Trump blew it, he let us all be destroyed, he’s allowed our collective voice to be silenced and now there are only a handful of sites left who are still able to support him and there will be less tomorrow than there were today.

Fox News has seemingly sold their soul and made their deal with the devil as they move further to the left and prepare to throw Trump under the bus in 2020, delivering out nation to the no, IMHO, openly socialist, Democratic party. 

Mr. Trump, I (and thousands, if not millions of others) have supported you from the jump, I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, together we have spent BILLIONS, and billions upon billions of collective hours working to amplify your message.  Why have you abandoned us? Why have you refused to defend us from these tyrannical attacks on our right to speak freely by the most powerful, most corrupt and most despotic corporation in recorded history?  At the end of the day it is your ox that is being gored.    Each time they kill one of us, your chances of winning the battle against the fake news media become less and less.

While most people just took it on the chin, packed up their tent and went home, we (and a handful of other social media operators) have been working tirelessly making contacts, collecting evidence and building legal cases that can stop Facebook’s insatiable appetite for control, money and power dead in its tracks.  “We” have the evidence, the data, the legal strategies and the path to bring these digital ghetto operators to justice all you have to do is help us, help the American people. We need your support now.

I could go on and on, and I will most likely write a follow up to this, but this is it for now.  If you too DEMAND that President Trump does something to stop Facebook from destroying online Freedom of Speech, please spread this article like crazy. If you own a blog, website, social media account, news network, feel free to copy and paste it, hell, take credit for writing it if you like, it does not matter to us.  All that we want is the Internet Speech Cartel’s (Facebook, Google, Twitter) assault on truth.

Note: Yes, I still support Trump and his war on the DS, however, FB has taken my voice away, and without it my support means less and less each day.

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