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Breaking: President Trump Declares “War”. Confirms “These People Are Sick”


OPINION EDITORIAL: Before Donald Trump was even sworn in as president, the establishment’s long knives were out for him.  

Those who understand Trump know that he most likely fully expected this would be the case before he decided that his country needed him.

In 1980, Hollywood interviewer Rona Barrett talked with Donald Trump and asked him pointedly whether he would ever consider running for president:

Donald Trump: “I really don’t believe I would, Rona… I think it’s a very mean life.  I would dedicate my life to this country but I see it as being a very mean life.  

Eight years later, Oprah Winfrey asked Trump about being president, again:

Trump“I’d make our allies, forgetting about the enemies, the enemies you can’t talk to so easily, I’d make our allies pay their fair share.

“We’re a debtor nation.  Something’s going to happen over the next number of years with this country because you can’t keep the levels of of 200 billion.  And yet we let you come in and dump everything right into our markets.

“And really, it’s not free trade.  If you ever go to Japan right now and try to sell something, forget about it.  It’s almost impossible.

“The come over here, they sell their cars and VCR’s, they knock the hell out of our companies.

Oprah then asked Trump about running for president:

Trump: Probably not.  But I do get tired of seeing the country get ripped off.

“I probably wouldn’t do it, but I do get tired of seeing what’s happening with this country and if got so bad I would never want to rule it out totally because I really am tired of seeing what’s happening with this country, how we’re really making other people live like kings and we’re not.”

Now fast forward to an October 2016 campaign speech:

The future president couldn’t have been clearer:

“Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American people.

“The washington establishment, and the financial and media corporations that fund it, exists for only one reason, to protect and enrich itself.

“The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake…”

On all of his promises, some made many decades ago, President Trump has delivered or is in the process of delivering. 

For the corrupt political establishment, and the multinational corporations and foreign governments they’re paid to represent, Trump must be stopped.  By any means necessary.

During a closed-door reception yesterday, President Trump made it clear he understood the stakes:

“We’re at war. These people are sick, they’re sick and nobody’s called it out like I do, I don’t understand, people are afraid to call it out, they are afraid to say that the press is crooked, we have a crooked press, we have a dishonest media.”

So here we are with the president facing impeachment for attempting to investigate and ferret out the corruption of others and the media is serving as the public relations arm in defense of corrupt members of the political establishment.  

In a city that hates whistleblowers, President Trump has become the most feared whistleblower, at least that is how it appears to me.

Pelosi, the Democrats, and Republicans who have failed to defend President Trump, have forced Americans into making a decision.  

Are they content being ripped off and dictated to by, what I see as, the unelected bureaucratic Deep State?

Or, are they willing to defend the president, and their children’s futures and return to Lincoln’s magnificent vision of government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

“There are trillions of dollars at stake”

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Don October 1, 2019
| |
Can't help but thinking, if Not for Trump we would be at least be Socialists by now, if not full blown Communists. They are doing the same thing they did in Cuba, 1st, they were told they were Democrats, 2nd, then they were told they were Socialists, 3rd, they were all told they are now Communists.
CCblogging October 1, 2019
| |
Keep draining the swamp! Trump 2020!
Hal Lemoyne September 29, 2019
| |
And I also declare war on all neverTRUMP conspirators I love a good fight especially when I annihilate the evil rival aggressors as immediately as I want to and that's what the hateful neverTRUMP aggressors need to be ANNIHILATED as immediately as possible Whereas nevertheless & always our more ?❤?TRUMPence2020?❤? successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly Amen & Amen!!!