May 29, 2022

Here Are The Pics From Trump’s Speech The Media Doesn’t Want You To See – Despite Media Claiming Fears Of Small Turn Out, It Was A Huge Success

Opinion| The mainstream liberal media continually ran headlines leading up to President Donald Trump’s scheduled July 4th speech, predicting that it would only draw in a “tiny crowd.” They were beyond wrong.

According to, “An Independent article titled ‘Trump officials ‘fear embarrassingly tiny crowd’ for his Fourth of July speech’ was typical of the coverage.”

What really happened? As you can clearly see in the photograph below, which was taken of the crowd gathered at the event, the audience stretched well past the national mall.

User @Corrynmb tweeted, “Yes! There are so many Trump Supporters that LOVE their country & the Make America Great Again Agenda! This photo makes me want to cry – so happy & proud!”

Again, take a look at the crowd from a different perspective. Omar Jimenez tweeted along with a photo of the crowd, “The view looking out into the crowd from the Lincoln Memorial. No word yet on if weather will affect the planned flyovers during/after President Trump’s speech.”

“The webcam at the National Mall was abruptly shut down without notice and has been removed from the site. Presumably to stop viewers from seeing the lack of attendees at the #TrumpParade. We are about to relive Trump’s inauguration all over again,” one liberal wrote on Twitter:

According to, “He was presumably unaware of the fact that it’s silly to judge the size of a crowd hours before an event even starts. Leftists are all over Twitter claiming the huge crowd images were ‘photoshopped.’ Presumably, renowned Trump-loving network CNN was busy photoshopping them.”

The “tiny” crowd turned out to be the leftists who showed up to protest.

Myrna July 6, 2019
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Gee, it is so hard to believe that these pictures were photoshopped. Is there or is there bleachers at the end of the pond? Are they or are they not!!! Leave it to the Dems. to muddy the water!!