Trump Names Names, Identifies More Traitors As Being Guilty Of Treason


E. Patriot’s POV| President Trump has been signaling his determination to drain the swamp since the days of  his presidential campaign.

It’s likely that, at that time, he was referring to what he viewed as the misplaced priorities of Congress that appeared to be selling out average American taxpayers to the lobbyists’ money that represented big business and foreign governments.

Whatever he thought in the beginning, he now understands that he was threatening the revenue stream – literally trillions of dollars annually –  of globalist financial elites who also controlled the intelligence apparatus’ of the U.S. and her allies.

He also knows that they turned their well-honed surveillance operations against him.  When they couldn’t find any dirt, they efforted to create it. They failed to that, too.

Now President Trump, having absorbed everything in their corrupt arsenal that they could throw at him with the help of a rabid media conglomerate, is charging them with treason – T-R-E-A-S-O-N.

And, he’s begun naming names.

When the president was asked who he was accusing of treason, he didn’t hesitate if giving his answer:

President Trump: “Well, I think a number of people.  They have unsuccessfully tried to take down the wrong person.  If you look at Comey, if you look at McCabe, if you look at people probably higher than that…”

Whoa!  There’s only a handful of ‘people higher than that’ beginning with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  After Lynch there’s only Obama’s inner circle that is fairly limited – DNI James Clapper, NSA Susan Rice, Vice President Joe Biden.

If that’s true, and evidence has surfaced that it is true, that would mean it was virtually impossible that President Obama never became aware of the conspiracy.

This text from Lisa Page suggests that she has some explaining to do.

President Trump continued: “Peter Strzok, …Lisa Page…”

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Jack Crane has been a writer and journalist for over 17 years. He has volunteered around the world with humanitarian projects and has several books and memoirs partially written, and hopes to finish them all some day.

Andrea May 26, 2019
| |
Don't leave out Rosenstein......He "obstructed justice" by not turning over requested documents over and over again!! He "colluded" with ALL the other degenerates in perpetuating these crimes....NONE of them should be "excused". They all think they're above the law, including Mueller, who even goes to church, while knowing there was nothing to investigate in the first place! LOTS of Soros' "bonuses" all around.
bARBARA HARRIS May 26, 2019
| |
Mr. President...we are behind you 110%. Your back is covered by we, the Patriots. Put on your gloves and come out fighting. I would love to see you take them down one by one! HOORAY FOR YOU!!!!!
Linda Rosene PhD May 25, 2019
| |
Hillary's pals, John Podesta and his brother handled the money; charge them with treason as well. There is blood on Hillary and Bill's hands from years of corruption from AR to our White House. STOP THEM, NOW.
Carolyn Grapes May 25, 2019
| |
We realize that the Obama/Hillary WORSHIP is making this all very difficult, but any intelligent American knows who had everything to gain if DJT was defeated. But he's a genius, a man who LOVES America more than power, $, fame....and the unscrupulous Demos misjudged who they were trying to take down... President Trump ?finding religion/prayer/people of faith supporting him has miraculously led the USA into the World's Super Power once again! The failed, ingenious plan for a Pres HRC, despite ALL the lawlessness, has the Demos in SHOCK, and supporters still have hopes that the unscrupulous government will succeed in taking down President Trump! Seeing the USA Congress and FBI actually become CRIMINALS is indeed disheartening, but a lesson for all that a government can become corrupt! God has indeed blessed the USA once more, and we must NEVER take Him out of our oaths our pledges, our music! "God Bless America!"
Robin Rosenblatt May 24, 2019
| |
He is Right it is Treason and they are Traitors!