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Breaking Gallup Poll: President Trump’s Support From American People Is Stronger Than Ever


The number of Americans who believe that President Donald Trump has the “personality and leadership qualities a president should have” has increased seven percent over his time in office, according to a new Gallup Poll.

According to the poll, the 40 percent of Americans who believe that Trump has what it takes is still a minority to the sixty percent who think that one of the last two presidents had the right type of characteristics at this point in their presidency.

While former presidents Obama and Bush the second had better ratings on leadership qualities at the two-year mark in their time in office, the current president beats out his predecessors on the issues that matter most to voters, according to Gallup.

“As Trump seeks a second term, his chances of winning re-election appear greater if the campaign is decided on issues rather than character,” Gallup reported. “His two immediate predecessors were viewed similarly to him on issues but were rated far superior on character. Both ultimately won re-election.”

Another CBS News poll found that more than half of Americans, almost 60 percent, are tired of hearing about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, and just one third want to hear more.

Also, over half of Americans want Congressional Democrats to put an end to their Russia investigations and move on to other issues, while a majority of Democrats want the investigations to continue.

However, the agreement was bipartisan with, three-quarters of voters polled responding that Mueller himself should testify before Congress on the issue.

This poll was released as Democrats, along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are beginning to debate impeachment.

The poll’s release comes as the House Democratic caucus continues to debate impeachment, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continuing to urge a cautious approach, and was released the same day that Pelosi accused President Donald Trump of a “cover-up” in his campaign and administration.

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