Jim Jordan Shocks The Nation: Democrats Have Begun The Impeachment Process


Elder Patriot  – Impeachment by any other name is still impeachment

Last night Rep. Jim Jordan, ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee appeared with Lou Dobbs: (scroll down to video, cued to 2:16)

Dobbs: “Let’s turn to your committee, the Judiciary Committee.  You share it with Jerry Nadler, I understand. What is going on?   

“He [Nadler] insists that there’ll be no negotiation over whether the staff interrogates the attorney general [William Barr] who will be there under oath, I presume, rather than the committee members.

“Has Nadler lost his mind?”

Rep. Jordan: “I think that there’s a couple of things going on here.  

“One, we have to understand the Democrats have already started impeachment proceedings.  They’re just not calling it that.

“And the reason they’re not calling it that, they know it’s not justified and they know the American people don’t want it.

“But, that’s what they’re doing and that’s why they want the staff to be able to ask Bill Barr questions because that’s how it works in an impeachment process.

“That’s what they’re trying to do.

“Second, Bill Barr shouldn’t come.

“Look, you cannot trash the attorney general for the last three weeks like Democrats have done and then change the format in the last few days like they are trying to do and expect the attorney general to show up.

“Let the members ask the questions, if they’re willing to do it the way it has always done Bill Barr will be there.  If they’re not, he shouldn’t show up.”

The Democrats’ plan is clear.  As much as they want us to consider them progressive, Democrats (and Decepticon Republicans) are the party of the status quo.  

At least in as much as that means allowing large multinational corporations and financial interests to dictate our nation’s fiscal policies.

Donald Trump’s America First MAGAnomic policies challenges that status quo.  The exfiltration of wealth by these global entities has redirected trillions of dollars in profits to their investors.  That cannot be tolerated.

Compounding their desperation to remove this president is the fact that there’s no waiting him out.  In eight years they’ll have been totally exposed with another generation or three standing between the restoration of their unholy financial construct.

For a  better understanding of what we’re witnessing – Democrats taking the lead on impeachment and Republican Decepticons refusing to defend President Trump, I recommend reading a short essay by Jon Marini that appeared in Imprimis.

Politics by Other Means: The Use and Abuse of Scandal

To understand a political scandal fully, one must take into account all of the interests of those involved. The problem is that these interests are rarely revealed—which is precisely why it is so tempting for partisans, particularly if they are at a political disadvantage, to resort to scandal to attack their opponents. Many great scandals arise not as a means of exposing corruption, but as a means of attacking political foes while obscuring the political differences that are at issue. This is especially likely to occur in the aftermath of elections that threaten the authority of an established order. In such circumstances, scandal provides a way for defenders of the status quo to undermine the legitimacy of those who have been elected on a platform of challenging the status quo—diluting, as a consequence, the authority of the electorate.


Richard Nixon won a landslide electoral victory in 1972 and was removed from office less than two years later.

Nixon’s removal came not because his policies were rejected by the American people, the opposite was true, but because it became essential for the preservation of the status quo.

Do not let the mainstream propaganda media convince you otherwise.  

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