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Explosive Evidence Mainstream Media Colluded With Mueller Investigators: Buzzfeed Admits Special Counsel’s Team Leaked to Them


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This entire operation against the Trump campaign is a coordinated effort amid government officials, politicians, political groups external to government and media allies. None of this is happenstance; all of this is well coordinated. Once you know the signs, you can spot them everywhere… Sundance


[…] I’d also like to share an accounting of how we came to our characterization, to give our audience and people who reasonably raised questions about our reporting as much information as possible about how the story came to be.

Our story was based on detailed information from senior law enforcement sources. That reporting included documents — specifically, pages of notes that were taken during an interview of [Michael] Cohen by the FBI.

Oh my…

Here’s Buzzfeed admitting it was given access to the investigative findings (likely via access to FD-302 reports) at the same time that House Republicans investigating DOJ/FBI wrongdoing were denied access to Bruce Ohr’s FD-302’s by Rod Rosenstein.

But wait it gets worse.  The article continues:

At the time, the sources asked reporters to keep the information confidential, but with the publication of Mueller’s report they have permitted its release.

How many reporters were involved in spreading the “Trump colluded with Russia” hoax intended to neuter or destroy the presidency of Donald Trump?

Listen to CNN’s Jake Tapper stumble over how long his guests had to review the Mueller Report when he interviewed them ten minutes after it was posted to the DOJ’s website:

Tapper:  I want to go to Laura because Laura has read the report.  She got it before, two minutes ago or whenever it was released.

There a really interesting section about Donald Trump Jr.’s interaction with WikiLeaks.  It’s on page 59.


I want to go to Evan Perez who’s also read the report…

Uh, huh.

Now I’ll admit I’m not the fastest reader in the world but there’s no freakin’ way anyone, even Evelyn Wood, could get through more than 25 pages in 10 minutes.  Page 59? Seriously?

The report is 448 pages long and Tapper is telling CNN’s audience that their crack experts have already reviewed and cross-referenced the findings so that they could intelligently relay its contents to viewers.  Right.

More evidence came from the amazing coincidence that CNN had, by themselves, figured out that a pre-dawn raid was about to take place at Roger Stone’s home by agents working under orders from the special counsel:

Wait, there’s proof of even more leaks, revealed by this CNN story from June 14, 2017:

Had Mueller already realized that the collusion delusion was a dead end after less than month on the job and shifted to baiting President Trump into committing obstruction?

This would be consistent with the twisted legal theories of Mueller’s “pitbull” Andrew Weissmann who has a track record of ruining lives, destroying corporate enterprises, and being overturned by the Supreme Court.

But, I digress…

When CNN ran that story it was on the heels of a companion report from the Washington Post.  No coordination with the special counsel’s team there, eh?

While we wait for Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s next report take a moment to review what he had already determined about the leakers that was contained in his earlier report:

Here are diagrams of the leakers the IG included as appendices:

Here’s the team of leakers that Mueller assembled:

President Trump was on to their plans from the beginning as his June 15, 2017 tweets – one day after the WaPo and CNN articles rans – reveal:

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