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CNN Hack, April Ryan, Calls For Sarah Sanders’ Beheading, Mike Ruins Her Day


Kirsters Baish| On Friday, Mike Huckabee’s fatherly instincts kicked in to stand up for his daughter, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, following a comment made by CNN White House Reporter April Ryan in which she said that Sanders’ head should be “lopped off.”

The Gateway Pundit reports, “April Ryan demanded Sarah Sanders be fired over a discrepancy in a statement she made about the rank and file at the FBI losing confidence in Comey.”

NewsBusters reported that April Ryan lost it over Sanders’ statement. Ryan stated, “Not only does she not have credibility, she lied. She out and out lied. And the people, the American people can’t trust her. They can’t trust what’s said from the President’s mouthpiece-spokesperson from the people’s house. Therefore, she should be let go. She should be fired, end of story.”

Then Ryan took it further, “rhetorically suggested that since there was ‘a lack of credibility there, you have to start and start lopping the heads off.’ She added: ‘It’s fire me Thursday or fire me Good Friday. She needs to go.’”

Mike Huckabee’s fatherly instincts kicked in and he came to his daughter’s defense.

“So liberals—is this okay? Does CNN have the integrity to deal with this incitement to murder? CNN’s April Ryan Says Sarah Sanders’ Head Should Be “Lopped Off,”” Huckabee wrote in a tweet on Friday, adding a link to a Red State article.

He went on to call for Ryan’s White House credentials to be revoked. “If not, they are gutless tools,” Huckabee wrote of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

On Friday night, Ryan took to Twitter to respond to Huckabee, telling him that he won’t get into heaven.

Then she called Huckabee and his daughter liars.

Then she warned Huckabee that he had “better stop now!”

Breitbart News reports:

Ryan and Sanders have had a rocky relationship since the latter become White House press secretary. In June, Sanders called on Ryan to stop “rudely” interrupting fellow reporters and to “be quiet long enough” for her to respond to her questions.

The CNN analyst suffered an embarrassing episode in the same month when she falsely claimed President Trump was heckled during the “Celebration of America” event at the White House. CNN producer Noah Gray directly responded to Ryan’s incorrect tweet, saying, “This is not true. There was a protester who shouted at Trump and was booed.”

Ryan has also claimed that she had gotten into clashes with the Trump administration because she is an African-American woman.

“Let’s put it on the table. I’ve been there for a while, and I know a lot of things. I have some of the best Republican sources, I think, than a lot of people in that room, and I don’t back down. I’m not afraid. It doesn’t help that I’m a woman,” Ryan told ABC’s The View last November. “It doesn’t help that I’m from a smaller news network, American Urban Radio Network, and that I’m a black woman who is not perceived to be part of their base. So they use me as an example to show ‘See, this is what can happen to you.’ What they fail to realize is it’s not about me, and I’m going to continue to do my job, and that’s what they don’t like.”

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Robert W Sorensen April 25, 2019
| |
April Ryan must be a savage talking. She need to be hung as soon as possible!!
Rich April 23, 2019
| |
It's amazing, older Republicans, as well as children have been assaulted accross America for real, no fake set ups like we are seeing more and more often from the left, but if you call the left out on there hate speech it's you not what they said that is responsible for any repricushions of their hateful remarks. They have a first amendment right to say what they want that does not mean their words don't have consequences. It seems the left is now throwing alledged death threats around as much as racism claims.
William Martin April 22, 2019
| |
Fire that BITCH (Ryan). She a real piece of work and needs shut her fucking mouth. She wants problems we can get rid of her. Ban her from press briefing. She's just a trouble maker
Honeydew April 22, 2019
| |
April Ryan is nothing but a trouble maker .False news is all that comes out of her big mouth.She should loose her job.
Darin bass April 21, 2019
| |
This is becoming the norm for the left. Who on Earth thinks this is ok? She should definitely have her credentials revoked and fired! Everyone knows that won't happen. It's just a shame that we finally have a president that is not afraid of the democrats and this is how they react continuously. Shame shame shame!!