Nadler Ready To Throw Trump Officials In Jail & Fine Them $20,000/Day


Kirsters Baish| Democratic House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler of New York suggested earlier in April that Trump officials who do not comply with congressional subpoenas be fined $20,000 per day.

The Gateway Pundit reports, “Nadler joined WCBS on Monday to discuss the Democrat strategy to force Trump officials to testify before Congress.

Nadler told WCBS 880 that he will call on the Sergeant at Arms to arrest Trump officials. And then fine them $20,000 daily until they appear.”

Nadler stated:

“Someone is in contempt of Congress, you send the Sergeant at Arms and you arrest them. Alternatively you fine him $20,000 a day, whatever. We could do this.”

WCBS880 reports:

Nadler, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, says President Trump can’t just ignore Congressional subpoenas as he says he will.

Nadler calls it “a fundamental bid to take power away from Congress and give it to the president – to make the president much more of a monarch.”

“We cannot allow that,” Nadler continued. “Any president, any administration must be held accountable and Congress must be able to do its job.”

The President’s tax returns have been subpoenaed by Congress, in addition to documents relating to special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

The Trump White House has called the subpoena requests for the President’s tax returns “unconstitutional.”

“Nadler is ready to take drastic action to get the Trump administration to comply,” reports WCBS880.

“Someone is in contempt of Congress, you send the Sergeant at Arms and you arrest them. Alternatively you fine him $20,000 a day, whatever,” Nadler stated. “We could do this.”

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Mike May 7, 2019
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Where in the Constitution did this idiot Nadler find that the House has the ability to be judge/jury and executioner - and fine or imprison people for not doing what they demand? OTOH - maybe the DoJ should advise Nadler that this effort to intimidate people is criminal. It is criminal to demand that Barr illegally release Grand Jury testimony - and it is a violation of laws to demand someone violate these laws. AND - demanding that the President's former lawyer testify (violating attorney/client privilege) - is another violation. Sounds like the DoJ should send people to arrest Nadler and Nancy Pelosi for 'misprision' and abuse of power and trying to force people to violate existing laws. Indict them - then put them on trial. At least the Constitution and existing laws suggest that the DoJ has this power...while it is absent for what Nadler & Pelosi want to do.