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Democrat VP Hopeful, Stacey Abrams, Now Officially Under Investigation


Stacey Abrams, the Georgia Democrat candidate for Governor who claimed that her opponent stole the election, was just handed some very bad news.

The failed candidate who initially refused to concede her loss in the race is now officially under investigation.

The Daily Caller is reporting:

The Georgia state ethics commission will subpoena bank records from Stacey Abrams’ 2018 gubernatorial campaign and several other groups that raised money to help her candidacy.

David Emadi, a former Douglas County prosecutor who became director of the state ethics commission Monday, announced on Thursday that he will soon subpoena Abrams’ gubernatorial campaign, various political action committees and special interest groups that supported her failed campaign, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The director of the ethics commission went on to say “What I can say about the investigation into the Abrams campaign is in the relatively near future, I expect we will be issuing subpoenas for bank and finance records of both Miss Abrams and various PACs and special-interest groups that were affiliated with her campaign,”

One thing that Emadi did not clarify is what exactly Abrams is under investigation for. We do know that the Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission, is responsible for investigating lobbying expenditures, vendor grift and campaign finance.

The Commission also has the power to issue consequences for any violations found regarding those specific issues.

The Daily Caller went on to say:

Because there were over a dozen “independent groups” in support of Abrams 2018 campaign, most of them funded by out-of-state donors, Emadi said the investigation will take time as the Commission meticulously reviews all of the reports.

News of the investigation comes as Abrams, the former Minority Leader of the Georgia House, mulls not only a 2020 Senate bid in Georgia, but also a possible run for the White House. 

Her failed gubernatorial campaign against now-Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp drew national attention, and she has remained in the national spotlight as she continues to claim, without evidence, that Kemp used his former position as Georgia Secretary of State to maliciously tilt the election in his favor.

“This new ethics investigation into Stacey Abrams is just the latest episode of her skirting the rules to further her personal political ambitions. This cloud of scandal will linger as she decides whether to embark on another failed campaign,” Nathan Brand, a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, stated Thursday.

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Bernice April 25, 2019
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Robert Alexander April 25, 2019
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Watch very closely this Ethics Commission investigation. Chances are Democrats will attempt to bribe the commission or even threaten them by way of their friends on the Congressional House Financial Committee, over seen by no other than Maxine Waters and Alexandria Cortez who will probably interfere with Georgia’s Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission’s outlook, not to mention the complete backing of the Liberal Democratic Socialist Party, they must defend Abrams in order to possess another outspoken member of the party in their assault upon Democracy, they have no other alternative!