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Trump Makes The Announcement We Have All Been Waiting For: FISA Release, 302’s & Hidden Email Chains


Trump Makes The Announcement We Have All Been Waiting For! FISA Applications, 302’s & Hidden Email Chains Will Be Released!

Opinion | President Trump made a special call to Sean Hannity during his show on Fox News where he announced his plans to declassify and release the FISA applications, 302’s and hidden email chains involved in obtaining the FISA warrant on Trump’s campaign.

“Do you have plans to release those FISA applications, Gang of Eight information, the 302s of Bruce Ohr and others, and the five buckets that John Solomon and Sara Carter — as they call them,” Hannity asked.

“I do. I have plans to declassify and release. I have plans to absolutely release,” President Trump confirmed. 

“I have some very talented people working for me, lawyers, and they really didn’t want me to do it early on. … A lot of people wanted me to do it a long time ago. I’m glad I didn’t do it. We got a great result without having to do it, but we will. One of the reasons that my lawyers didn’t want me to do it, is they said, if I do it, they’ll call it a form of obstruction,” President Trump continued.

President Trump further explained why he was willing to sit back through the unrelenting abuse from the media and democrats for the last two years.

After getting some valuable advice from a legal team the President had working on this case, he endured the abuse to receive the maximum benefit during the time of Mueller releasing his report.

“Frankly, thought it would be better if we held it to the end. But at the right time, we will be absolutely releasing.”

According to John Solomon, the email chain is one of the most damning pieces of evidence that they have regarding the abuses of FISA.

These emails prove that the FBI knew there were concerns with how reliable the Christopher Steele dossier was when it was used to support the FISA warrant.

Watch the full interview below:

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Robert Alexander (Defender of Man) April 19, 2019
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Look, instead of releasing these documents how about processing them as sufficient evidence, and get an arrest warrant demonstrating to America you’re serious about bringing law and order back into our courts and balancing the scales of justice. Enough gaddam talk about what can be done, do it! You and your predecessors aren’t going to do a gaddam thing, just string America on until the 2020 election, why, no one knows other than yourselves what an investigation may reveal, is this perhaps the reason our political leaders have become the lawless congress? What I do know is America has heard this propaganda for well over two years and noting is happening. The Obama’s and Clinton’s who have shyt on the American people, continue to walk free and undermine the government while you, the president complain and blame them without taking action. Do what you promised America you’d do, prosecute these political criminals, or have they buried their claws so deep in your back side, you’re only a voice of all talk and no action.
Sam Smith April 4, 2019
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Just finished listening to potus and you. Best regards and thanks for presentation in a coherent one on one podcast. Best cup of coffee I could ever have.