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They Are All Going To Prison For A Long Time Unless They Are Able To Get Trump Out In 2020, Here’s Our Analysis


They Are All Going To Prison For A Long Time Unless They Are Able To Get Trump Out In 2020, Here’s Our Analysis…

Opinion | Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe can’t be stupid enough to go on a publicity tour for a book that could incriminate himself over and over again but, here we are.

McCabe jumped on the book writing bandwagon to tell all the juicy details of his time in the FBI and his efforts to “protect” America “in the age of terror and Trump.”

The experienced lawman has already been caught lying to the FBI on multiple occasions, the General Inspector cites, and is under a grand jury investigation.

While chasing after the money bag of book sales, all because Trump’s name is in the title, McCabe has foolishly given his lies away.

Is a potential longer stay in prison worth the money he makes off of his memoir? Something about this doesn’t add up.

What does make sense is that McCabe is a part of something much bigger than himself, something that transcends our borders.

The evidence points to this theory being true. McCabe is building a nice nest egg for his family while he keeps the media attention away from the democrats, who suffer with Trump derangement syndrome, and are working on taking the President out of office.

If this scenario is what we’re watching unfold in front of us, then their new President in 2020 could pardon McCabe, who took a hit for the “never-Trump” team.

This just might be one of the many schemes democrats have to take the spotlight off of their corruption while they work tirelessly to remove Donald Trump from office.

If the President wins the 2020 election, it will be detrimental to democrats and their agenda for America. Not only that, but we might actually see some of these players go down for their crimes.

If you’ve been paying attention, the narrative can never focus on their traitorous behaviour; the mainstream media carries these orders out as they do everything they can to dismantle the Trump Presidency with twisted, bias reporting.

Yet, when the Democrat side has evidence of wrongdoing against them, we don’t hear a thing from the media.

The new Democrat majority inside the House of Representatives will have the same purpose up until November 2020, take out Trump.

So, who are these power players and elites who fear being exposed by Donald Trump?

At the top of the pyramid is former President Barack Obama.  logically, one can conclude that the former president oversaw the FBI’s complete refusal to charge Hillary Clinton for violating the Espionage Act.

Everything we have learned since the email server negligence reveals the corruption and treason of the Obama administration, including their main player, Hillary Clinton.

I’ll try to write this in a way that the left wing Obama-Clinton sycophants can follow along without their biases clouding their logic.

Donald Trump is discovered to have used a private email address that he used to communicate with his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.  

During that time, Trump and Pompeo sign off on the sale of uranium to Russia.  They also agree to share our most sensitive cyber technologies with Russia (Skolkovo.)

That’s just one example of the likely many others that were damaging to U.S. interests – to your interests – that Clinton and Obama likely communicated about using her unsecured email account.

This would all explain why Hillary destroyed 33,000 emails after she was found out to be using a private email server.

When James Comey publicly exonerated Hillary Clinton he spent about 20 minutes listing out all of the federal crimes she had committed. Any trustworthy AG would question the exoneration after hearing what Comey listed out, but Loretta Lynch had nothing to say.

For our Obama-Clinton sycophants picture this scenario:

The director of the FBI, Jeff Sessions, carries on for 20 minutes about all of these federal crimes that Donald Trump committed by exposing “highly classified” information to enemy eyes, and then exonerates President Trump.

Your heads would explode.

Obama, Clinton and Lynch could all be implicated in the next four years and with them, every foot soldier will fall too. John Brennan, James Clapper, Jim Comey, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, etc., etc., etc….

Remember, President Trump knows exactly what is going on. So, they have to end his Presidency as soon as possible.

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Josephine March 22, 2019
| |
Looks luke they are all going to prison and I hope it is for life. They failed miserably so far in getting President Trump out of office and I do not see it happening in 2020 either. Demonrats have no shot at the WHITE HOUSE in 2020 not with the Stupid platform they are running on.
Tressa February 28, 2019
| |
This scenario can happen but one thing that the critics don't know about Trump is his tenacity and the fact he's always 10 steps ahead of his adversaries. He will win in 2020 and the conspirators will be in jail. Trust me. He destroyed 18 presidential candidates to become Pres. Do not count this man out. You will lose.
Hal Lemoyne February 27, 2019
| |
No matter what demoncrats-neverTRUMP Republicans say and/or do Us US public opinion will never disappoint our US President TRUMP and ???TRUMPence2020 will be our US reelected President for 4 more years 2016-2024 guaranteed Amen & Amen!!!
Mark A. Render February 23, 2019
| |